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Quin-Mo-Lac has been documented by some very talented photographers over the last 66 Years.  In our efforts to compile our historical documents, we decided it would be fun to show you some of these amazing photos as we find them!  

This is our first instalment in this series, so stay tuned for more incredible camp photos!  

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This promotional video was produced in 1990 as Quin-Mo-Lac celebrated 40 Years of Camping With a Purpose!  There are lots of great memories packed into this video and it features many camp 'trailblazers' and retro QML clothes! 

Keep an eye out for the revolutionary in-lake UV filtration system!

Narrated by Lois McLeod and Erla Jose

Produced by Lois McLeod, Francis & Erla Jose, Earl and Barb Taft and Reinhold Schumann

Footage provided by Clara and Ewert Leask

Ron Kennedy created the QML 'Boobikins' Logo

Ron Kennedy created the QML 'Boobikins' Logo


We recently had the opportunity to browse through an extensive collection of art and photographs, created and collected by Ron Kennedy (Booby - 1970's).  Below is a small selection of what we were able to scan and there will be more to come!  A special thank you is extended to Linda Howe, Ron's sister, for organizing and sharing this wonderful collection.

Ron had a tremendous impact on Quin-Mo-Lac.  Not only did he create a popular camp logo, he also put tons of energy into developing our program.  As a tribute to Ron’s contribution to camp, we are proud to present the ‘Ron Kennedy Award for Outstanding Christian Leadership’ at the ‘End of Summer Staff Banquet’ to senior staff members we wish to recognize for their commitment to Quin-Mo-Lac.

Presenting Quin-Mo-Lac and Five Oaks

When we found these photo reels, we couldn't have imagined the gems that were on our hands.  Originally used as a promotional presentation for Quin-Mo-Lac and Five Oaks Retreat Centre, these incredible images are a window into the formative years of QML!